This Crazy Journey Begins…Chuck Nohara Quilt

Block 1778 Floating Inner Tube

Block 1778, Floating Inner Tube

Guess what? It only took a few hours to complete my first Chuck Nohara block for this #ChuckNoharaQAL group that I am following on Instagram. We decided to bust the trail with block #1778 from the book, 2001 New Patchwork Blocks.  Now, Chuck doesn’t name the blocks, so I am going to give them my own names, just to keep them straight.  This one, in the book has an off-center circle that ‘floats’ to one corner, so I aptly named it ”Floating Inner Tube”.  After a little bit of therapy, and zen-like meditation, this severely Libra minded gal, decided to free herself into to crazy world of ‘off-center’.  I was really going to do it.  Then, my plaid yellow and orange fabric, bitch slapped me back into reality, and said ‘Are you tilted? I don’t play well with that silly red and white background that you just had to have!” So, I caved to my safe place, and went center.

Do you want to know how I made the block? Good. First I had to enlarge to block pictured in the book, from 2.25 inches to 5 inches (finished).  If you are not math savvy, that would be a 123% increase, or you would make it 223% the size of itself.  (put 223 in the copy machine and see what happens).  Everybody has a different machine, but the math doesn’t lie, so adjust your settings if you need to.  I am not going to provide pictures of the patterns in my blog, because that would be a copyright infringement, and I don’t look good in orange.

Obviously, to make this block, I had to begin with a four-patch background.  Super easy.

Using the circle as a template.Next, I cut the ‘Inner Tube’ circle out of the pattern to use as a template.  Following the outer circle, I traced and made marks on the yellow plaid fabric, so that I would know where to place the yellow tone-on-tone fabric for applique.


Then, I cut one of the swirl pieces from the pattern paper to use as a template for the yellow tone-on-tone.  I traced around the piece four times, on the yellow fabric. If any of these pictures are difficult to see, try clicking on them for enlargement.

IMAG4937 (2)Leaving about an 1/8th inch seam allowance around the outside of my drawn line, I cut each yellow swirl piece from the yellow fabric scrap. I aligned the yellow pieces on top of the orange plaid circle, being sure to match up the notches and lines. I pinned them down, to begin applique.

IMAG4939I appliqued the two side edges of each yellow piece to the orange plaid circle.  I did not applique the outer or inner edge of the pieces of the circle…yet.  I left the outer edge, and the center of the circle raw edge for this step.

IMAG4941Then, leaving a 1/8th inch seam allowance on the outside of the outer circle, I trimmed it. I also trimmed the yellow plaid fabric away from behind the yellow print, so that I could eliminate bulk. I appliqued the circle to the background four-patch square. I centered it, because of the bossy plaid, but the pattern shows it off to one corner.  I forgot to take a picture of that step, but you can see the finished picture for a visual reference. Here, you can see where the center circle goes.  These are the lines that I followed to applique the center (red polka dot fabric).

IMAG4940In this picture, you can see how I again used the pattern piece to cut out the center circle to use as a template. I cut out the piece leaving a 1/8th inch seam allowance, and appliqued it to the center of the ‘Inner Tube’ unit shown in the above picture.

Here are some of the other versions of this block, made by members of the quilt along.  They are each fabulous, and serve as great inspiration.  I have permission from these amazingly talented gals to share their pictures:

Screenshot (26)Kate, (modernbasics on Instagram) made this one.  She chose to off-center hers (beautifully, I might add), using vintage looking fabrics. You know how much I love vintage fabrics!

Screenshot (25)This one is made by Margaret (mj_inparadise on Instagram).  For real! look at that fussy-cut center!  and the bright colors. Wow!

Screenshot (24)Last, but not least, is Gayle’s block.  (gaylebrindley on Instagram). Red and yellow are my favorite colors, so this one is pretty dang sweet.

There you have the first block.  It was a lot of fun.  It did take time to pick out fabric (the hardest part, we swear), but was pretty easy after that.  I cannot wait to find out what the next one will be.  Come check out the Instagram quilt along.  We would love to have you join in!