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Bio: So, there is this quilt thing. That would be the most obvious thing about me. Quilts. I make them. Because I make them, I buy fabric. I buy tons of fabric. I cut the fabric into smaller pieces...and then sew them back together. Add coffee, chocolate, two amped-up kids, and one amazing husband...and you have my life. mjnauert@hotmail.com

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    • I used good quality quilting cotton for mine. When it is folded over during the making process, it has a double thickness. As with any pattern, it could be altered to your liking. Thank you for your question.

    • Shirley, That question is very hard to answer. For legal reasons, I can only say ”Here is a free pattern for a mask. Use it with your own discretion and please consult your doctor for guidance in this matter.”

    • I am not quite sure what you are asking, Kevin. I apologize. I am just the person who made this mask tutorial. This was done over a year ago. I am not collecting the masks or anything.

  1. Don’t know where to get pattern for making masks. Where is it on your website. Where r people getting elastics to make masks

  2. Hi. Got your website and info from national station. Looks great! Noticed the length of material to start is 15″, whereas the instructions say 14″. Just checking, thinking 15″ would be ok too? Also for those who may be concerned and want to know before starting. Thank you so much for sharing and creating! Be safe.

    • Count the inches on the background. You are looking at the numbers on the bottom, but notice that the fabric is laying on the 1” line to begin with, not the zero. I hope this helps.

  3. I am inquiring about any help for combatting the Corona Virus
    I saw your site on Rachel Maddow
    Please let me know

    • Cheri, I am just the person who created this mask tutorial over a year ago. I might suggest starting with your local medical entities to see what they might need help with. There are nursing homes that might be able to use your help, or even grocery stores that might need delivery people. These are just a few quick ideas. Thank you for your questions.

  4. RE: Coronavirus Masks–Hi I saw your pattern on TV tonite=it appears to be for allergies=these groups are making them for hospitals==maybe you can feature them too? Here are my Coronavirus Research pages too below=hope they help

    *Here is a large-scale medical Coronavirus mask effort: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2020/03/20/calling-all-people-who-sew-and-make-you-can-help-solve-2020-n95-type-mask-shortage/#3c17ee754e41 with many pattens on its page

    **3 Coronavirus Life-Saving Resources-2 NEW!!! Please repost!!
    1) Coronavirus Updates. Prevention, Research Webpage updated daily with hygienic shopping tips, quick links to treatment & prevention websites, plus home made sanitizer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15-aArmJdIPg49B03RKwd09Ph_3Xt1aNZ7-D3L45QyKo/
    2) Coronavirus Research Updates Newsletter
    3) Coronavirus Research Updates Facebook Page
    #Flattenthecurve #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Pandemic #CoronavirusPandemic #Epidemic #Hygiene #CoronavirusHygiene #Health

    • My reason for designing the mask and making the tutorial was to help combat my seasonal allergies, but the mask can be used for many situations. I also use mine when I am cleaning or working with potting soil. Thank you for the information that you have provided.

  5. Good Morning, we have a local hospital that has approved your pattern to be made. Would you post a PDF or would you give approval for us to make one? We’re trying to get it out to the sewers. We’re getting approval per hospital what they can use. Thank you!

    • Lisa, thank you for asking, as there are people who have already taken my data without my permission to do so. I am certainly inclined to provide permission. May I ask the name of entity that is requesting? This way, I can approve to final draft before it is released. If so, yours would be the only approved version. Let me know.

  6. I am making masks for a local Project Linus, making masks for a hospital locate near Frederick, MD. They would like to use a mask just like yours. I have a knitting and sewing blog and I would like to send my readers to your site and also post a photo of the piles of masks I’ve made to get word out. I would like to ask your permission before I do it. I would hate for someone to take credit for my work, so I want to ask you first. My blog is stitchclinic.com to see what kind of things I do. Thank you!

    • Marissa, you have my permission to link to this tutorial. You may use photos from that tutorial, as long as you aren’t making your own pattern with them (I know that you are not.) Meaning, feel free to use them to link back. Thank you for asking for permission. Bless you for spreading the word.

      • Hi, I received a generic post about making masks for nurses on the front lines of our medical staffs during the Covid 19 outbreak. Yours looks like a great pattern – shared by a nurse friend at the VA in Wichita, KS. I’d like to post this for my friends on Facebook – adding the nurses’ comments of how they need it for working with patients – may I forward it to my FB friends, I will add a link back to your blog? Their comments were to add a ‘pocket’ for a paper surgical mask that they have to extend the life of the surgical masks. I would like to send the pattern and comments to friends who indicate that they would like to make them for medical use. May I have your permission to use your pattern? Thanks!

        Lou Girard
        Udall, KS

      • You may, as long as you provide a link for them. You may also use a picture for your link. My pattern/tutorial is free to use anyway, so you have my blessing. Thank you for asking, Lou. Good luck with all your sewing.

  7. Please stop calling a “seamstress” a “sewist.”
    It is demeaning to those of us who have been seamstresses for years, and proud of it.

    There is no such word as “sewist.” I looked.
    Thanks– I appreciate what you do.

    • Jane, There is now a word ‘sewist’. I just deemed it worthy. My reason for using the word instead of ‘seamstress’, implies that one makes clothing instead of quilts or pillows, etc. Every time a quilter uses the word ‘seamstress’ we instantly get bombarded by people asking us to hem their pants or replace zippers. To trick those people into staying away, we use the word “sewist”. It’s like saying, ”I’m Batman” in the quilting world. Happy sewing!

      • One other reason for using sewist. If you’re referring to a person who reads, the word reader applies. If you’re referring to a person who sews, do we really want to use the word sewer? Sounds like the black water tank to me…

  8. Thank you for this pattern & tutorial. I volunteer with an animal rescue group with a spay/neuter clinic. These will be going to their staff as they are unable to get surgical supplies at this time. I do have one question, should the fabric be washed before making the masks?

  9. Dear happy quilter:) My daughter sent me a link of your masks. Thank you for posting your pattern:) we are trying to help provide masks during the virus outbreak . We live in Brooklyn, NY n Topsail Beach, NC. We thank you and note your generous heart ❤️ 🙏🏼

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